Get to know the picturesque village of Batsi and Andros

Batsi is a magical location on a special island in the Cyclades

Batsi, a magical village in Andros Island!

Batsi is one of the most popular summer destinations. Thousands of visitors arrive each year for their vacation or a short getaway. Andros has started to become world famous for its natural beauty and is a tourist destination worldwide. The island has a beautiful Cycladic atmosphere that offers magical experiences.

Whether you have visited the island again or heard of it, you will have heard of the picturesque traditional village of Batsi. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the port of Gavrio and about 27 km from Chora. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastal villages of the island. Here, fun and tradition coexist harmoniously, creating the conditions for an unforgettable holiday experience. In the heart of this village are the Nissea Studios, within walking distance of the center of Batsi with cafes, restaurants and shops. The beach in Batsi with its excellent sandy beach and clear blue waters is a destination for groups of friends and families. If you choose Andros, Batsi is an ideal location for your accommodation and more.

Beaches and Sights near Batsi

Batsi beach is not the only option to enjoy your swim. On the opposite side of the village is the beach of Kolona, which will give you unique moments of relaxation overlooking the village Batsi. Also, if you prefer beaches for family moments, a good choice is Agia Marina beach as well as Stivari beach on the left side of the village.

Of course, holidays are not just about swimming. There are several attractions near Batsi that you can visit. The Archaeological Site of Ypsili, the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis and of course the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi. On the way to Gavrio you can visit the unique, Hellenistic era (4th-3rd century BC), tower of Agios Petros which is one of the best preserved in the Cyclades. If you are a nature lover, the island is suitable for its certified hiking trails. It is true that Andros has wonderful trails through verdant ravines and views that will impress you.


The unique Andros Island

Although Andros is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, it is quite different from those of the Cyclades. Besides, its natural landscape combines high mountains with its green areas and its large, diverse coastline. Therefore your excursions to the island will offer you an experience that you have never lived before. It is noteworthy that the island has many beautiful beaches. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose one for each day and enjoy your baths in the clear blue waters.

Happy Holidays!

“Andros is a fantastic choice.
After all, the island is a miniature of Greece.“

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